Urs Gantenbein

– Council Guide –



– Council Guide –

A Council Guide participates in a three years developmental journey that can change your life.

A Council Guide can learn:

  • to transform limiting beliefs into life-growing beliefs
  • to become a member of a supportive group where every voice matters .
  • how decisions can be made from 8 perspectives of wholeness
  • practices on leading within the self first
  • to «walk the talk» and «be the change» one wants to become
  • It is what will make this life time deeply valuable and significant.

Throughout the Council Guide journey, I offer my gifts, skills and talents to support new Council Guides.

If you want to become a Council Guide, check this webpageIf you have questions contact me via contact form or telefon.


  • 1-on-1, Families, Schools, Companies
  • Shifting & Changing Patterns
  • Leadership on same eye level
  • Circular Leadership
  • Flow enabling
  • Balance & Self-Relationship
  • Evokative learning & Teaching
  • Tribal Life Tools
  • Together with power
  • Projekt Management
  • Projekt Development
  • and more..

Contact me for a tailormade offer the meets your needs.